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A strong athletic physique, in just 3 hours a week.  It’s part of the job for fitness professionals and actors to be in shape. However, what do you do if you spend your day at a desk, in long meetings, travelling and/or commuting daily? Then throw in a busy family and personal life.  How do you find time to eat right and recover from a workout, let alone fit one in?

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Amazon Reviews:

Excellent insights and tips into trying to stay on top of mental and physical health while balancing a demanding job. Definitely worth a read for anyone struggling to find the right balance. – 5*

Bought this for my 40 year old husband who has talked about getting back in the gym for a while but has a busy and sometimes stressful job and 3 kids which makes this difficult. This book has given him the kick and impetus he needed to get back to it. In depth insight from the author and his conversational style make this an easy read. The sections help him to navigate the book easily too. Recommend this definitely. – 5*

The reality is, for most mere mortals, it’s not easy, particularly if you’re not already in good fitness.  There are countless magazines and books that promise you can turn your barrel into a six pack in weeks, plenty more promoting the latest diet and a shortcut to losing weight.

Let’s face it though, you know as well as I do – that it’s rarely that simple. Most of the people you see in the pictures are pros and its part of their job to look like they do.

If you spend your day in an office, in meetings or traveling, taking the time to eat some chicken and vegetables or down a protein shake every 3 hours to support your six days of 1.5 – 2-hour training sessions just isn’t realistic. It doesn’t help that the people around you will be giving you odd looks or even looking at you negatively for actually-having a lunch hour!

Eating’s cheating and lunch is for wimps, right? Wrong! The reality is, exercise is important, eating is important and staying fit is usually very important in life success.  Sadly, at times it can seem impossible to do the right thing for yourself and keep on top of health and fitness, while trying to advance your career, launch or run your business.

So how do you break the cycle?


Chasing quick fixes

Expecting instant results

Wining about your challenges

Thinking about “weight”


Thinking about your lifelong fitness journey

Making time for your fitness and health

Setting realistic goals

Improving composition

With just 3 hours a week

This is your path to becoming The Lean Exec!

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