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Protein Supplements Vs Food, What Is Best? - The Lean Exec

Protein Supplements Vs Food, What Is Best? – Truth

Protein Supplements Vs Food, What Is Best?

If you’re looking at whey protein versus food, whey protein and generally protein supplements shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for poor diet and you should aim to get as much of what your body needs  from quality foods.

However, training does increase the demands on your body and it’s not always easy to ensure you’re getting everything you need, particularly as you age.  Therefore, supplements can be helpful to support training, a busy career and personal life.

The importance of protein has been well documented, so finding a good protein supplement can be useful to support training of any kind.  If the aim is to be The Lean Exec then it will also be useful at times where eating a meal is difficult of inconvenient.

Like with most things we do, The Lean Exec approach is to keep things simple and natural.  Our preference is to use unflavoured whey protein isloate (which typically has 90 grams of protein per 100g) and mix it with natural ingredients like fruit, water, milk etc…

Here are some whey protein products we’ve found useful:

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