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Frequently Asked Questions


The Lean Exec publishes health and fitness content for working people who want to improve and/or reclaim their fitness in balance with their career success and personal life.
Bigger Brother Ltd is the company that owns The Lean Exec. Bigger Brother is also a concept in the book: Bigger Brother / [bih-ger bruhth-ur] / Noun Derived from the concept of “Standing on the shoulders of giants” – a person who has experience and knowledge they can share with you openly and impartially to help you avoid mistakes, improve and successfully reach your goals.
The Lean Exec principles could work for a range of different people although in it’s current form it is likely to be most useful to men between 25 – 50 who are trying to balance their health and fitness with career success and their personal life. The goal is to help as many people as possible, so we hope to broaden the scope of what we offer in the near future.
You can find a link to buy the book on Amazon here>>
To help people improve and reclaim their health and fitness in an efficient and effective way within the complex nature of modern life and it’s pressures.
Neill David Watson - a creative tech entrepreneur, former pro DJ, who re-built his health and fitness in his mid-late 30s while working as a consultant for Bigger Brother and in a senior role at Virgin Money. Neill is also a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser.
This is a word and meaning created by the author for The Lean Exec book. It’s not in the dictionary or even the Urban Dictionary, although it should be and maybe one day it will be! Symmitarian / [simi-tair-ee-uhn] / Noun A person who takes appropriate measures to develop their desired physique and mental state corresponding in form and arrangement, while balancing their lifestyle and goals.
Although grounded in a professional qualified personal training and nutrition advisory qualification. The main difference is, The Lean Exec starts with real hands on experience and understanding of the challenges that are faced daily by busy, career focused people with limited time. This ensures it's efficient, realistically attainable and balanced in the context of modern work / life challenges.
There is a lot of information out there about health and fitness, so it's often hard to judge what is the best information in context. The Lean Exec content is based on the real world experience of executives, entrepreneurs and other business people who have improved and reclaimed their fitness, then filtered, developed and designed by NCFE (ncfe.org.uk) qualified personal trainers and nutrition advisers.
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