Spend your days at a desk and in meetings?
Struggling to fit exercise and healthy eating into your busy day?
The Lean Exec Book can help*.

It’s based on the author’s real-world approach back to health and fitness in his 30s, now 40s, while commuting and working (mostly desk based) long hours in an office in London.

The Author is  an NCFE qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

The Lean Exec book is for people looking to find the motivation, take back control and improve their health and fitness to feel stronger and healthier in a busy world.

*Due to the Author’s journey, the book may be most relatable to men between the ages of 28 – 45.


Amazon Reviews:

5* – Excellent insights and tips into trying to stay on top of mental and physical health while balancing a demanding job. Definitely worth a read for anyone struggling to find the right balance. 

5* – Bought this for my 40 year old husband who has talked about getting back in the gym for a while but has a busy and sometimes stressful job and 3 kids which makes this difficult. This book has given him the kick and impetus he needed to get back to it. In depth insight from the author and his conversational style make this an easy read. The sections help him to navigate the book easily too. Recommend this definitely. 

The Lean Exec Book

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