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A strong, athletic physique in as little as 3 hours a week.  The Lean Exec is about reclaiming and re-building your health and fitness in alignment with your career ambitions and personal life.  Developed by a UK based businessman and qualified personal trainer.  The Lean Exec was first born out of a real exec’s journey in his 30s to reclaim lost health and fitness, despite a busy work, personal and family life, to become fitter and stronger in his 40s.  By sharing this journey, with professional, experienced knowledge and real world action and results, the creator’s hope is that it helps other people achieve their health and fitness goals in balance with their career and life.

The Lean Exec is NOT about fad diets and exercise routines, it’s NOT about quick fix short-term solutions or rapid superficial beach transformations.  The Lean Exec is about re-establishing core fitness, building and maintaining a strong, healthy athletic body in a highly efficient way, without it taking over your life.

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