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5 Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym (Or Maybe They’re Just My Pet Peeves)

5 Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym (Or Maybe They’re Just My Pet Peeves)

Mainstream gyms have changed a lot in the last 20 years.  More people are training with weights and pumping iron to get lean and fit.  While the percentage of gym goers who seem to know what they are doing has increased significantly, there are still quite a few that seem to come and go, wasting time that could be fixed with a little reading from the right sources.  These are some of the mistakes that can be spotted in most gyms all over the world.

Spending 30 Mins+ Doing mainly Slow Steady State Cardio On A Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Stationary Bike etc…

Yo! Dude!  Do you need to be HIT over the head with one of the many books out there promoting the benefits of High Intensity Training to realise slow steady state cardio on it’s own is not the best way to lose fat?  While you shouldn’t be a fattest if you don’t want to be the fattest, start lifting more weights and intensifying your cardio.

You’ll soon be the better for it and by the way, in case you didn’t know.  Fat doesn’t turn to muscle and visa versa, the aim of the game is to increase muscle and lose fat.

Lifting Weights That Are Two Heavy

Now don’t get me wrong, lifting heavy weights that are difficult to lift can be beneficial, but in the words of Mr T “I Pity The Fool”.  Lifting heavy weight incorrectly can defeat the point, impact results and actually risk injury.  In certain circumstance like the last rep of a set with certain moves it can make sense to break form with control.

However, if you’re not experienced enough to know when a couple of cheat reps are helpful or you’re not an experienced deadlifting and squatting, better to err on the side of caution and work your way up over a few weeks or even months.  Fitness and training is really a life journey not a race.

Here are 5 Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym

Paying Too Much Attention To Other People’s Workouts

Just because Mr Fake Tan over there looks ready to don his skimpy trunks and win an Arnold Classic doesn’t mean you should be copying his training.  For example, the more advanced you become the more important it is to explore isolation training, particularly if you’re lagging a body part in some way.

However, for most people you need to hit the core compound “meat and potato” exercises before you start spending time training your wrists.

Just Going Through The Motions

Did you come to the gym to train or check out Michelle Lewin’s latest butt training video on Instagram?  If you really want to make progress, get intense!  Put down the phone and start pumping some iron.  I don’t even care if you do Michelle’s butt workout, just do something with some vigour and you might even start to see some results!

Chugging A Protein Shake (Eating food, or consuming anything other than water in between sets)

Want to feel crap, have no energy and train poorly?  Then glug a 500 calorie protein smoothie or eat just before or while training.  I’m amazed it’s not even making you sick!  Get your pre-workout meal, shake or whatever in a good hour and a half (or more) before you train so it has time to settle.  I can pretty much guarantee you will train better on a light stomach than a full one in the midst of processing.

I haven’t checked the science recently, but I’m pretty sure the research says it’s not that good for you to train while digesting either.  Get a good pre-workout meal in in plenty of time before your training and some good protein and carbs within 20 mins or so of the end of your training session.  It’ll do you the world of good.

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Article: 5 Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym (Or Maybe They’re Just My Pet Peeves)

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