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3 Major Reasons To Exercise - The Lean Exec

3 Major Reasons To Exercise – Feel Alive

3 Major Reasons To Exercise

You Feel More Energetic When:

It can seem difficult to start doing physical activity, particular if you have a busy schedule and/or work and family commitments.  However, don’t give up at the first hurdle.  That little extra push and engaging in physical activity can make you feel more energetic.

Continuing this regularly can help create a positive domino effect throughout your life by helping your body work more efficiently overall.  Improving cardiovascular fitness in particular is known to help breathing and circulation.

Being More Healthy And Fit Is Known To Improve Sex Drive – Obviously A Great Reasons To Exercise 😉 :

Regularly exercising can help encourage sex drive and enjoying physical intimacy can help improve mood through the release of endorphins.  Experts have suggested that regular physical activity can enhance arousal in women and help prevent and reduce the chances of erectile disfunction for men.

Not to mention sex can be a calorie burning exercise in itself!  Improved mood, enjoyment, and the additional exertion may help to relax the body so you can get that important recovery sleep!

Reasons To Exercise – It Helps You Sleep

Getting plenty of good physical activity during the day at a level suitable to your fitness can be beneficial as it can make you feel better and encourage natural sleep through the bodies desire to recuperate.  Experts suggest that exercising improves sleep and can help to reengage the natural cycle of sleep so it’s regular and higher quality.

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